Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Five CDs in one day. I'm pretty sure I set a personal record there, especially since I got them at three different places (I think I only ever got four at one time, and it was probably at Best Buy).

This Charming Man Remixes, The Smiths: I got this at "Mike's," a.k.a. wherever (weeeird word there) that guy with a beard decides to set up his bins, this time outside the FSUBookstore. It's actually... a CD of different versions of one song, including some remixes from some Francois Kevorkian dude. Oh, but it does have a song, "Wonderful Woman," from the group that I had never heard before. I think this was worth the $6, since I remember listening to this song ("This Charming Man") over and over and over again a couple years ago, listening to and playing along with the bouncing bassline (my favorite bassline, in fact) and the jangly guitars (quite possibly my favorite guitar intro-riff as well).

Shoebox EP, Barenaked Ladies: I also got this at Mike's (I think that's his name...) for $5. I'm counting on the Ladies to come through on this one, since I haven't had time to listen to it yet. It contains a bit of material from Born on a Pirate Ship (I think) and, coincidentally, when I pick up that album, my BNL collection will be complete (I think).

Summerteeth, Wilco: I headed down to Best Buy to look for audio cords, but they didn't have what I was looking for. They did, however, have CDs. From my cursory rounds of the Rock section, I brought it down to four selections. Based on the simple, sweet majesty of

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot,

which I bought a couple weeks ago and have listened to religiously, I decided to pick this one as the album-from-a-band-I-know over the tempting Building Something Out of Nothing (Modest Mouse) that was at Best Buy for $10.99. (I got this Wilco for $11.99.)

Open Season, British Sea Power: Based on the cool coverart, with its deep, calming blue (yes, these are things I consider) and dancing bear, and a couple of positive, if not glowing, reviews of the group and this album, I decided to go out on a limb a bit and picked this one over Beck's Odelay!, which I considered the safe bet. Another $13.99 of my hard-earned FSView wages.

Let Go, Nada Surf: I actually looked for this album at the other places I was buying CDs today (since Brandon went so Nutso over it), just to check out what kind of price it was going for. Looks like it was going for $4.99 in the budget rock section of Vinyl Fever!!! This is reason number 3652973610 why, if Vinyl Fever ever opened up a room for rent, I would pay outrageous monthly fees to live there, waking to the sound of The Clash and Tom Waits, the posters of Radiohead and Sleater-Kinney, that famous picture of Johnny Cash on the hugest poster I've seen, and a sea of the coolest CDs I can imagine now. (And that employee that gets really excited about Mike Patton and talks very loudly about eight minute drum solos.) And the disc was in perfect condition. Ain't no scratches or nothin'! Despite my spending of a lot of money, I decided this was an opportunity I could not afford (ha!) to miss.

I'm so excited that I'm just about ready to go to sleep.


  1. I think I've heard of that remixes CD. I haven't heard "Wonderful Woman" or the original b-side to TCM, "Jeane".

    That's funny, because I have "Born on a Pirate Ship" and nothing else by them.

    Wilco has a lot of great records. Everyone talked about YHF being such a step forward, but they've been doing stuff like that for years. "Being There" for example, which I am listening to right now, was released in 1996 and the opening track has just as much bizzaro guitar as anything they've done.

    I got the first British Sea Power and it was almost too weird for me. There was a lot of big choral stuff, I guess like Queen, but darker. So I never really got into it.

    Nada Surf, on the other hand ... you're just in time to catch up before their new record comes out. Pay attention to the last track, which has the greatest build-up in rock history.

  2. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Nada Surf is good stuff.
    Love there song 'popular.'