Sunday, August 28, 2005


Jimmy Eat World was last night and we had people from Gainesville all up in the house. It was kind of muggy, but they gave out free water. Opening band, christian hardcore outfit Underoath, was better than I thought they would be. Jimmy Eat World... I mostly just liked the songs I knew.

*People whose only constructive criticism of my writing is "Maybe put a little more intellect and quality. I guess I just mean use bigger words. Sometimes one big word can take the place of three words." (he also has a weak handshake. And doesn't like white people despite being one of them [and told me not to trust them either]?) are nearly as irritating as girls who decide to overturn metal garbage cans to stand on top of them (garbage everywhere) to better see concerts.

So, Friday night we went to party in Gainesville, and Saturday they all came up and partied to Jimmy Eat World. It was a pretty good weekend, overall. And today I get to go to an FSView meeting to learn about being assistant editor of A & E, which makes the weekend even better. (Godzilla showing at the student life building would have been the coup de grace, but I'll have to see it tomorrow because I'm going to the meeting today.) I haven't done anything all week, but it seems to be picking up considerably this weekend in anticipation of the starting of classes.


How about that hurricane? And those Miami 'canes?


  1. it just takes some time little girll your in the middle of the ride everything everything will be alright everything everything will be just fine and whatnot

  2. I want to see a certain football team pound the snot out of Miami next week. THE SNOT!

    I mean, we got rid of all the criminals and morons, right?

  3. And the crazies.

    "Sexton, 20, whose threatening behavior required police to subdue him with pepper spray, continued claiming he was the "Son of God" as he was being transported to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital."

    But I guess I shouldn't say that, because he has Lyme disease:

    "It's unclear if the disease triggered the behavior that led to Sexton's hospitalization. Neighbors called police June 13 when Sexton, wearing only shorts, began acting disoriented, yelling at them and doing pushups in the middle of the street."