Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Everybody's got their story to tell,
Everybody's got their own portrait of hell.
Mine's not exciting,
Mine's not exciting,
But I wrote ten thousand words about you.

In my younger days I
Thought I must prove
Myself through games Olympic,
Girls, money, and booze.
It's not that exciting,
It's not that exciting,
So I swore to give it all up for you.
My bitterness too.
Give it all to you.

Somehow, I miss all the cues.
Listlessly you play with your food,
I think nothing better of it.

Now that I'm paranoid,
I seem to find you overjoyed
At all that troubles me
You're my cute little enemy.


I've fallen into disrepair,
Living in the soft contours of your hair.
It took months for me to recognize
The weathered cracks pervading your disguise.

Let's socialize,
If you can find the time.

In a shard of glass I spied my face,
My dull blue eyes have turned a bright shade of green.
My broken past now comes to mind,
With details clear that I'd rather not find.

Let's comprimise.
When you can find the time.

I need a helping hand
To hold you down.
I think I know a man
Who'll follow you 'round.

I think I know a man-
Best detective in town.
Best detective in town.
Best detective in town.

He'll follow you 'round,
He'll follow you 'round.
All around this town.
Listening to every sound.


  1. Anonymous10:00 PM

    I like those. I'm excited about Letters to the Editor reconvening. I have some ideas for songs and lyrics. We shall surge forth like WILD STALLIONS! *needly needly*


  2. Quit hogging all the good lyrics!