Wednesday, August 31, 2005


My first clue should have been when my email was returned with the reason "unknown user."

I decided to drop by her office in the Psychology building, but the name on the door had changed. I was slightly confused, so I asked the man in the office next to it.

"Jennifer Ringel's not here?"
"No, she doesn't work here anymore. Is there anything I can do for you?"

I was taken aback. I stood silent for about eight seconds then mumbled some question under my breath.

"Excuse me?"
"Yeah, I just wanted to know about a double major in Latin."
"You'll have to check with the department of Modern Languages for that."

That's right: My academic advisor doesn't work here anymore.

This sort of thing isn't supposed to happen. I thought advisors were for life, like the Supreme Court. When one leaves there are nominations, various levels of approval, votes casted. There was no notification to me, not even an email ("I'm not working here anymore, talk to Mr./Mrs. _________ for all your future advising needs" would have sufficed). After waiting a year and a half to talk to an advisor, finding out she was really nice, and then having her leave the very next semester...

Now I don't even know who my new advisor is. And I'm not too keen to find out, either. Heck, the new person could be even better than Ringel, but I don't care. Ringel was Ringel: someone I had met (once), had emailed (once), someone reliable that was there.

Whatever, I know what I'm doing anyway. (For the most part.) (In enrolling for classes, not in terms of future schooling, subjects of interest, career, my ability to have glass successfully removed from my feet, nor what to write about for commentary articles in the FSView.)

I think.

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