Thursday, September 22, 2005


(X) Pimp-ass new computer.
(X) New Goal (eat one of every item on Pitaria's menu--shrimp pita will be the worst).
(X) New online order (one Creative Zen Micro MP3 Player--I couldn't resist).
(X) Reading very good book (Something Happened Joseph Heller).
(X) Promising position at the newspaper.
(_) Working dryer.
(_) Ability to fly.
(_) Girlfriend.
(X) Nada Surf.
(X) Calvin and Hobbes.
(X) Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.
(_) Time management abilities.
(X) Favorable GPA.
(_) "Beverly Hills".
(X) Still have "No Other One," "Across the Sea," and "Falling for You"; do what you will now, middle-aging-Rivers-Cuomo, there is virtually nothing that you can do, legally or not, to pry Pinkerton from my cold, clenched hands (The Blue Album as well, but that ranks higher only because of sentimental value) or the warming vestibule of my new computer.
(_) Spiritual Enlightenment.
(X) Vegetarian Feast (yeah, it's not great, but at least it's consistent).


  1. what is this vegetarian feast you speak of? I am intrigued.

  2. There's this Hare Krishna fellow that serves a vegetarian/vegan lunch every weekday in an activity center near our gym here. It's $4 (was $3.50 last year) for a huge paper plate full of rice, sauce, potatoes, spaghetti, this salad with this really good dressing, and various desserts, like pear chutney and some sort of good cake. You also get this sort of bland lemonade-type drink. There's always so much food and it's supposed to open your spiritual floodgates or something (one of the only drawbacks is that there is little variation in the dishes served from day to day).

    The other day when I went, this guy "D" (the organizer of the lunch--I forgot his name, starts with D) was wearing a shirt that had a squirrel with a stick and said "Protect your nuts." I lost my respect for him then, but I still like his food (the different things mix together very well and are sometimes spicey). And I don't have to think about processing, or animals when I go because it's vegan and made daily and stuff.

  3. Hahaha. But it's such a funny shirt!

    I remember that guy (or somebody) from when I was there. But I was too snooty and set in my ways then to try it. Now, after getting food poisoning from what I thought was a really great BBQ cheeseburger, I am reconsidering my stance on diet. And of course right after I got sick everybody tells me, "Oh yeah, so and so got food poisoning there." Apparently they have quite a track record.

    But I don't think I'll ever give up the occasional 2 AM Mickey D's cheeseburger run.

    How much Joseph Heller have you read? It's gotta be everything by now ... have you read any Vonnegut? I keep thinking it's about time for me to read him.

    Did you get the complete Calvin and Hobbes book? Did you? I should get that thing.

    I'm proud of you, man. You're doing some great things.

  4. Uh, The Complete Calvin and Hobbes comes out Oct. 4, according to I, uh, I really want to drop $100 on that beast (more than worth it), but I've been spending money left and right... I kind of want to write an article about that, too!