Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Much Music.

CDs I bought last weekend at Vinyl Fever:

Dungen - Ta Det Lugnt -- A Scandanavian group that does some sweetly-rocking tunes.
10,000 Maniacs - MTV Unplugged -- 99 cents? Sure, why not. Only has (invisible) sratches on two tracks, skipping through some of the more laid back sections (pretty frustrating, but for 99 cents... well.)
The Soundtrack of Our Lives - Origin Vol. 1 -- Classic rock-influenced, but well done modern elements as well. Not terribly exciting, but good (for $4.99).
Teenage Fanclub - Bandwagonesque -- Wanted to hear about the fuss. I guess the fuss was well-deserved, but I'm not absorbing it right away due to other listenings (Bloc Party, Wilco, Nada Surf...)
Orenda Fink - Invisible Ones -- $1.99?!?! For a new release (promo copy)? Why not? (Haven't listened to this yet.)
Bloodhound Gang 09.27.05 - I honestly don't know what this is, but it was on the counter when I was checking out and I asked the guy "What is that?" "It's free." "Okay!". I haven't unwrapped/listened to it yet (just says it has snippets of songs of the upcoming release, and a video for "Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo," the single from said album).

CDs I got at the FSView meeting on Sunday (free):

The Sharking - The Sharking -- I think this is an EP, but I can't tell (only 6 songs). Good CD art, and even better music. Says on the promo sticker that they sound like Apples In Stereo. Yeah, I can see that.
Fine China - The Jaws of Life -- It says they sound like the Smiths. Yeah, right. Sounds pretty cool from the first couple of tracks that I listened to, but nothing to write home about.
Minus The Bear - Menos el Oso -- I think that's the title, it's written in cursive and I don't feel like looking it up on allmusic right now. This sounds really pretty good. It's a lot different from how I remember them playing live last year, but then again I have never heard any of their recorded stuff before. Only that one performance, and my recollection of it isn't even that good. Just that I enjoyed it. Excited to see them coming back to the club this year.

CD I bought today:

Nada Surf - The Weight is a Gift -- I've been eating up Let Go like the great Greek cuisine of the Pitaria, and, consequently, I bought this today at Vinyl Fever after classes. This is, I think, the first album I've bought on the first day of an album's release. It is sounding especially good at the moment. A little bit more atmospheric on the second half, but the first few songs are like a glorious extension of Let Go.

CDs I added to "the list":

The New Barenaked Ladies Live CD I saw at Vinyl Fever
The New Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers Live CD that's out

I want those two because both of their previous live albums are freaking amazing (Rock Spectacle and Real to Reel, respectively).


The New Wilco Live CD that's coming out November 1st, even though I'm pretty sure I got all the recordings of that concert from this generous, and well-informed Blogger.

I apologize for not hunting down the pictures of these album covers for this post, as I did that one time, as I found that post to be visually pleasing. But, as I've said before, I'm lazy. Leave me alone.

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  1. That 10,000 Maniacs disc was a regular staple of mine for a long time. You should also get In My Tribe because it's a totally different sound (very 80's) and yet brilliantly produced by Peter Asher (who produced James Taylor back in the 60's and most recently helped out with the latest Morrissey record).

    I find Natalie Merchant's writing to be refreshingly clear and much less cliche than the other female front ... women? ... she's compared to.