Wednesday, September 28, 2005

No alarms and no surprises.

Decemberists rocked it "emo-pirate" style at The Beta Bar. Sold out crowd, 13-year-old kids dancing, crazy band antics. I've got a couple healthy hours of sleep under my belt for the past few days; I've been opening and fiddling with new technologies (computer, mp3 player, printer) instead of sleeping, and still getting up and going to class. I lost the experiment CD to one of my psych. labs, but it doesn't affect my grade, so I just sit and watch other people do the (computerized experiments).

I swear it's like pulling teeth. Somewhat frustrating, but not really confusing anymore (I don't think so). I keep trying to reconnect, though, for some odd reason. (I don't mind the dentist--I've had good experiences--or even doctors, maybe because I have a high threshold for pain. That's what they tell me--I have a high threshold for pain.)

I should get paid to watch concerts. I do it so well (even though I don't have a good memory for the average ones) and so often, it's a tragedy I don't get money while doing it. My goal should be a career of concert-watching, but would that be like working as an artist or writer--once the art is a regulated service/product, it loses its natural charm (its intriguing nature)?

I kind of want to reserve my comments, this being a publicly-accessible page and whatnot, but I guess I'm not too worried about it. The A&E section is shaky, at best. One week only one person turned in a story on time, no one else even notifying anyone that they would be late. The material submitted is so poorly written (in the majority of cases) that it pains me to read these trite sentences joined together with no perceivable flow. I don't expect professionalism here, but I figure that if people wrote like someone might actually want to read their articles for information and entertainment that the section could get so much better. On top of this (or because of this?) the section has been "getting smaller" over time, so that fewer articles run. I don't understand this phenomenon, but I don't ask questions.

I had some pretty good jamaican food last week, at this place in front of our complex. It looked like it wasn't heavily-trafficked, but the food was very delicious. This caribbean jerk chicken made me sweat (along with the humidity), but the ginger beer I got there was so soothing... It really does taste good and nullify the spices very well. I also had some phenomenal thai food (Masaman chicken) that I chose to get "hot." Well, suffice to say the cook apologized as I was leaving, because she thought that she made it way too hot. I handled it, though, and am only stronger because of it.

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