Sunday, September 11, 2005

The special ingredient is children's cough syrup.

Senate OKs Restrictions on Cold Medicines

The bill would require stores to sell Sudafed, Nyquil and other medicines only from behind the pharmacy counter.

"It will very substantially reduce the number of local labs that are out there because it throttles the ability of the cooks to get the pseudoephedrine that they need to make the methamphetamine," said Sen. Jim Talent

"This bill will put thousands of meth labs out of business across the country," Feinstein said.

RESPONSE: The Internet.

Way to go, guys. Why don't you limit whipped cream and other aerosol cans, household cleaners, glue, too?

If I've learned one thing about drug users from reading Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk it's that addicts will do whatever it takes. A couple of The Ramones put BAGS OF GLUE OVER THEIR HEADS. They bought aerosol cans at the grocery store.

Oh, well, maybe they'll restrict access on the internet, too. (Yeah, right.)

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  1. Don't forget scented markers. We can't have those laying around either.

    Oh yeah, I feel I should make reference to the "Flaming Moe".

    There you have it.