Sunday, September 18, 2005


I only bought two CDs today (both new):

Tallahassee by The Mountain Goats -- I saw these guys (this guy) John Darnielle (okay, yeah he performs with a bass player, but it's pretty much all him) at the CDU and The Beta Bar last year and I went to the official (unofficial?) site to the MP3s section and downloaded everything there (38 songs). I wasn't all that impressed at first- crackily stuff, very rough recordings and very sparse (the majority of them with just his voice and his acoustic guitar). I stuck 'em in a list and just listened to them straight through. Then, again. Then, listened to them again. Then I bought their first album, Nine Black Poppies and was severely disappointed (I didn't listen to that enough). It is the winner of the lo-fi recording movement contest, hands down. But this album is much later and sounds much better. I want more.

Odelay by Beck! -- ... It's Beck.


I have three tests this week (that should be illegal). I have an article to write for Tuesday (I should have done a long time ago) and I have a couple of lab write-ups. The Deathray Davies (and Posies) are tomorrow (I have a test on Tuesday)!

I beat Mario 64 yesterday (didn't get all the stars). The ending was a little disappointing, but the music was good. I'm watching The Simpsons now and the TV speaker is crackling. I have some cool articles coming up, I think.

Oh, I spent sometime time yesterday configuring my email client (Thunderbird) so I could send messages out. I discovered that I had to change the server to my ISP, comcast (that took a while to figure out). I was proud.

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