Friday, October 07, 2005

Club Jade.

We had a clever performance at Club Jade tonight. Neither the promoter nor we could scrounge up another local band to play with us, so we just did it ourselves (our first "headlining" gig?). The atmosphere was pretty good, it was spacious enough, and the mix of instruments was as good as I could imagine without mic-ing everything (miking?). Turnout wasn't spectular, but we had a good time, were invited to play a Halloween show there (Club Jade), and even got paid?!

I butchered many a lick tonight, I was really tired and kind of hungry (dumples?), and tensed up a little when playing. How strange the mind can be when you can play freely in a practice room, but tense up when in front of a dozen or so people on a stage... with lights. It was a good experience, and the promoter seemed pretty open to us "playing whenever (we) want" (she told us we could play as long as we wanted since we were the only band--we only made it to about 40 minutes since I decided playing the first song we ever played together wasn't such a good idea), although we need to learn some more songs so we have more to offer our core audience of close friends. Then I wouldn't mind playing 2-3 times a month (yeah, right)! Start a scene around here; start a movement.

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  1. That's pretty cool. So you have a regular gig! Woot!