Monday, October 03, 2005

Funny Stuff.

I found this while narcissistically searching for myself earlier:

Unique Originals

Evidentally, this is the name of an EBay user, which I find immensely funny, since my Ebay ID is "uniqueoriginal".

Reminds me of (quoted from memory) "Well, then we had to change our name, because there was already this group named The Originals. So, we became The New Originals."


I just googled my name again, because I was talking about narcissistically searching for myself, and I found my name turn up on the first page of results on, which wasn't that strange, but then again, on a Missouri campus newspaper (note: link may not work because site requires free subscription). I knew that the FSView ran articles by other schools, and that such a practice would be mirrored elsewhere, but that's just weird. I wrote that about a band that was playing here (although I didn't make it that obvious, I guess), and they just run it? That's also cool, though. (Here's the same Jimmy article on the FSView site, for those of you who can't access the Missouri site, and actually care about reading it.)

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  1. I googled myself the other day and found a name duplicate (even middle name) except it was Cruz instead of ...