Monday, October 17, 2005

Navigating the Curious Realm of Political Academia (for the 352nd Time).


  1. Your handwriting is weird. Heck, your writing is weird. But I like your slug. Good luck with all that stuff.

  2. So thats what that is. A slug. And your handwriting looks like Brandon's handwriting so it is amusing to me that he would say it looks weird. And my what an adventure you've had. I've been on similar goose chases while I was setting up my internship.

  3. I always like it when I draw random lines and blotches and people interpret it to be whatever they want. That gives the viewer their own spin on things.

    Yeah, no, B's handwriting is a lot smaller, and hectic-er. I realized that I never write anything out by hand nowadays (except a few lines of notes from class), and feel like a wuss because of it, knowing Tolkien and everyone wrote thousands of words by hand every night and all that.

  4. Whatever! It's totally Slurms MacKenzie from that one Futurama episode.

    "Whimmy wham wham wozzle!"

    And my handwriting is so much less hectic-er than yours. I practice, man. On unlined paper. That's hardcore.