Sunday, October 09, 2005

Picture time!

This is a wrapper from a candy my sister and I got in Georgia over this summer. It was comprised of a jelly center that was kind of like an orange slice candy (minus the sugar coating), except purple, and a thin layer of chocolate on the outside. It wasn't that good, but the wrapper is hilarious! "Full of Eastern Promise"!

I sketched this from a picture I found on the internet in anticipation of painting something on canvas. I never did paint anything, but I kind of like the sketch (it's supposed to be a fox, but it looks more like a wolf).

This is most of the photo (all that fit in the scanner) that I bought today from Theresa Kereakes at Vinyl Fever. I wrote an article about her for this event, and it turned out pretty cool, although I thought she was going to bring dozens of pictures, laid out all around, but there were just about 20 over on one spot on the wall. She signed this picture I bought (it's of Debbie Harry... of Blondie, you know?).


  1. HAHAHA! I thought that wrapper said EASTER Promise for the longest time. hehe. That's why I thought you thought it was funny because we bought that candy in August. hehehe.

  2. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Full of Eastern Promise. Hmm, intriguing!

  3. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Woulda been better if you'd titled it "Picture This!". I like your wolfox. (Paint It Black.)

  4. You're not allowed to obsess over Heller until you've read Catch-22 at least.

  5. HI Justin!
    Thanks for buying that pic from me. Thanks for writing about me in the paper and in your blog, and thanks for coming to the exhibit, buying the CD I suggested (do you like it?) and for coming to see the Woggles, too!

    Yeah... I'm only showing about 20-25 pictures per event (its usually all the wall space can bear). Next year, there will be a whole new rotation of vintage images.