Monday, October 24, 2005

Serenity Now.

I've got this... the spot on the left side of my face where my jaw meets my skull keeps clicking, like, you know, when you feel like you have to crack a joint? But it's my jaw, and it keeps popping/clicking a little bit, and I can't help but try to make it pop some more. Really weird, been going on for days now.


Our resident movie-reviewer and gamer told the staff today that he got a hate email for his review of Serenity. He gave it a C for some reasons or another, and this graduate student took the time to look him up in the student directory, and sent him an almost six page email on how he didn't appreciate Joss Whedon and Firefly and how he was ignorant, and how Rotten Tomatoes gave it 81% and 87% in the cream of the crop.

Well, I haven't seen movie, series, or any other Joss Whedon stuff (minus Toy Story)(I plan on seeing it sooner or later on recommendation), but Rotten Tomatoes isn't always right, you know. There are very similar marks for Red Eye, the worst movie I've seen this year (yeah, it beats out Must Love Dogs), and definitely the worst thriller movie I've ever seen (yeah, it beats out the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre). So, that's that.

The staff member sent everyone his correspondence with this fangirl, and she... well... she really likes Joss Whedon:

I've read LOADS of Serenity reviews and I'm glad you acknowledged most of them have been positive. There is one clear trend among Serenity reviewers -- the less you know about Joss Whedon, the more you don't understand the film.

I've seen Serenity 8 times and will see it every week it continues to play in theaters.

And, she signed the email

Her Name, grad student.

Like it was infinitely important that she list her rank of grad student so she's taken more seriously. Well...

And I just realized I'm totally late for class but hey, I'd rather defend one of my greatest loves than take that ten point quiz any day.

Now, that's quite a grad student.

Luckily, our staff member responded very logically, pointing out that one should not require background information to enjoy a movie (it should be self-sufficient) and that he had even just seen an episode of Firefly, and liked it, but defended what he said about the movie because, well, he didn't think it translated well into a movie.


I guess that the bottom line here is that I want some friggin' hate mail. I'm just gonna start reviewing everything, and giving everything F's until I hit something.

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  1. You're stupid and wrong!!!

    His Name, grad student