Monday, October 31, 2005

So pervasive.

This weekend I read three articles with references to the Simpsons in them. Two from Popmatters and one from Pitchfork Media.

Within the past month, one of the FSView A&E writers made a reference to the Simpsons in one of his movie reviews.

It's nearly impossible to imagine to what extent The Simpsons is pervasive within and inseparable from modern culture (example: Family Guy would not have existed without it).

Good thing I've been on the bandwagon for about a decade now, littering my speech with references that are usually wasted, unless a sibling is within earshot (or... web...shot? online?).

But too bad I've given up watching current episodes... Oh well, probably catch them in reruns.

Who shot what in the when now?

... Dr. Cheeks, just makin' my rounds and, uh, I'm a little behind.

Is the poop deck really what I think it is?


  1. Burns:Use the open faced club! You know! The sand wedge!

    Homer: Mmmm...Open faced club sandwich.

  2. Imagine yourself back in 1996, knowing what you know about the Simpsons except nobody else knows what you're talking about. It would be the equivalent of somebody today quoting "Farscape" (shudder) or "Aqua Teen" or "Sealab" (although more people know those shows).