Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Anyway, my last post referred to my quest to access free student webspace. I followed all the guidelines and posted some crappy code, but then I still couldn't access it. I finally broke down and emailed the computer dudes, and they responded that I needed to manipulate stuff in Unix (they didn't even tell me how to switch to the unix template in my sftp program). So, I type two lines in and hit enter, and suddenly I'm allowed to view my crappy code:

That was just my test page to see if I new what the heck was going on-- I do have a template I got, but I dunno, I'm thinking of roughing it and looking up ways of formatting on my own. For now, those two ridiculous pictures and that section at the top (that was just an exercise in manipulating text) will remain until I think of something good to put up, and some way of organizing the good things I'll put up. (Then, I guess, I'll put those things up!)

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