Monday, November 14, 2005


In some annual events, in certain parts of rural Georgia, bands like Echo Valve compete in a fishy battle against local bands after touring Germany and playing on the Warped Tour. Suck Valve gets to play last, of course, as other lesser-known bands who, coincidentally, have music in the artistic left field of the mainstream cRap/heartfelt-metal/"make some noise"-toting lead singers with junk for melodies and blandness for music rock groups that comprise the rest of the battle of the bands line-up get to go first (through a random drawing).

In broad daylight.

With a crowd of 10 less-than-thrilled Georgians.

With no light shows that happened for every other band.

Being judged in such categories as:

Appropriateness: Were their lyrics, gestures, etc. appropriate for the (Bainbridge College) campus?


Wardrobe: Does the band's physical appearance match its music?



Sitting through this event once again reminded me that not everyone has the Club Downunder. That, although there are hundreds of good bands out there, under the radar, there are probably 1.5X that many bad "don't go psycho" bands out there.

"This is a song about somebody that goes psycho..."

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