Sunday, November 13, 2005

Jewish Rapper + Gypsy Punks ... = ?

Matisyahu speaks out

I do not like reading or linking to Rolling Stone's Web site. But, this guy is not bad -- my roommate has the CD and he does (Matisyahu does, that is) some mad-wicked beatboxing.

Gogol Bordello

I might have mentioned Everything Is Illuminated, but maybe (maybe?) I did not mention that the guy who plays Alex opposite Elijah Wood in the film is Eugene Hutz, lead singer of Gogol Bordello, a punk band... with gypsy influences. Yeah, strangely enough, that same roommate of mine also has these guys' CD, and it does not sound bad. (I started cracking up when I heard "Start Wearing Purple" play during the credits of Everything...

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