Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Old video games.

I started watching some speed runs of Super Mario Bros. 3, done on emulators and exploiting every glitch known to man.

Then, I remembered that Matt had a Nintendo...

Last Sunday I played the following for about 6 hours before beating it (didn't use any warp whistles):

It was an addictive experience. I remembered all these little things about it, and every level. I had forgotten about the Hammer Bros. suit, and a couple of other little things like that.

So then, yesterday, I started in on

I wasn't able to beat it in one night, but when I popped it in today, I got through it in two tries (using all the warps I knew). Then, once I had beaten the final Bowser, I used the special warp ability you get when you beat it to go back and play through every single level. And I remembered every single level. I don't know how I played that as a child (I even remembered where hidden 1-ups and stars were!). But, by now, I think I've become rather skilled in the game, as opposed to in my younger years, when I remembering running into those stupid spinning flames in the castles constantly. Yet, somehow, I remember something about every stage. I must have played it a lot.

Matt also has Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -- the first one, yeah the original. And I even remember stuff about that too-- I think. I'm not gonna try to beat that one, I just played some of it and it can get frustrating.
And, he has Top Gun, which I don't remember playing and will not attempt.
And, he has Dr. Mario, which pales in comparison to the original Gameboy Tetris.

Yeah, I went there.

That pointy little square controller hurts so much.

--Anyone have questions for The (International) Noise Conspiracy?--

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