Thursday, December 01, 2005


I checked back in on the weeze web site, found the video for perfect situation (meh -- they cut out the cool part of the beginning guitar solo! gwaaah!) and found a link to the AOL sessions.

I wished they had played like this in Orlando.

I had seen Rivers use the talk box on Letterman, but he didn't in Orlando.

If you want, you can fast forward to 1:40 and 3:10 in Beverly Hills (though the song sounds a lot better than the recording). But still watch the half-step risen "Don't Let Go," ... actually, all the videos are good. Perfect Situation a little less so, but still better than the recording (they added those background vocals, "peerfect situation" at the end for the single -- it's in the video too). Even the "Island in the Sun" acoustic is good.

Still don't care for the palm-muting on "Buddy Holly," but I grant them the right to change that song, since they've probably played it over a thousand times.

Watch the interview clips (under transcript) -- they're hilarious! Everyone just staring at the ground while Rivers talks. Those guys love messing with the media... I don't believe anything in that Rolling Stone article about the band.

Pinkerton = Blue > Green > Album Five Scrapped Demos > Maladroit > Make Believe.

I haven't changed my opinions on Make Believe; I still blame Rick Rubin for the production on that one.

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