Sunday, January 29, 2006

I go sleep alone but think that you're next to me.

Sometimes all one needs is Spoon on the stereo, the Winter X-Games on the television, two cans of Mountain Dew in the blood, a tub of Publix Orange Sherbet in the lap, and a healthy disregard for tomorrow's responsibilities.


  1. mmmmmmm..sherbet

  2. It was generic Dr Pepper (Mithter Pibb?) and brownies for me - and Arrested Development on the TV - but I think the sentiment is the same.

    "Everything Hits at Once" always reminds me of that one Fleetwood Mac song - the keyboards and vibes are *exactly* the same.

  3. Britt has professed an undying love for Fleetwood Mac, especially their album Tusk I believe. He mentioned it in two separate interviews.

    So, it wouldn't surprise me. But while I've been probably heard the Mac song in question, I can't really think of which one you're talking about.

    I like how Spoon has completely isolated elements in the recordings. Like the guitar hits on beat two that happen every so often in "Everything Hits at Once," without a real pattern (first one happens around 0:56). Well, I guess I could hear them coming at the end of the chorus phrase, but you know what I mean. Isolated. Weird.

    The coolest one, though, is in "The Beast and Dragon, Adored," where the guitar hits on beat four (around 0:48). One can imagine this single hit turning into a hit on every other beat. But no -- just ONE isolated hit (yeah, there is a hint of a hit on the beat two before that hit, but...). (That's counting it in a slow four, too, by the way.)

    Yeah, love that hit.

    "I'm just gonna hit on four with the one guitar here. Not go into a riff, not make a pattern. Just four, guys."

    And the "Two Sides" bassline is about the best thing ever.