Monday, January 09, 2006

She weren't even much too hot, but she totally mugged me up like raah.

The weekend before the first day of school saw your daring narrator play bass in the last two shows of Melbourne-based rock/ska band Go Play in Traffic's tour with Long Shot Hero.

Highlights include:

First thing guy from LSH says to me -- "What school do you go to?"

Me: "FSU."

He: "We're getting wasted!"


After the show the first night (Panama City, FL), a middle-aged man shook my hand and his wife gave me a hug. I assumed it was a friend of the band, or a mother of someone or someone's friend, upon inquiry "Who did I just hug," Andrew: "I don't know, some woman."


LSH's singer stumbled into GPiT's hotel room (actually LSH's hotel room, but they shared), saying stuff like "Hellooo, speedboat. This [the bed he was lying on] is my speedboat!" "How the hell did I end up in here?" and other drunken phrases before he passed out.


I bought a $0.97 gray beanie/headcovering for the second show (Dotahn, Alabama) at Wal-Mart.


Tonight, I had sushi for the first time. Didn't like it. Wasn't surpised -- I don't like normal seafood, so I didn't think I would like normal seafood... that was raw... and in tiny bits. I got salmon with avocado and fish roe (something called a "New California Roll").


Tomorrow, and (all following M/W/Fs) I have my first class at 12:20. SWeeT. (I also have Thursdays off.)


I got a stack of free CDs and the book The Google Story (hardback) from the FSView today. I'll let you know if any of 'em are cool.


I'm going to try to name all subsequent posts after lyrics I've heard that day.

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  1. I didn't know you were playing bass for those shows. That is super cool.

    Sushi can be good if you pick the right kinds. Neither Caleb nor myself liked it but now he eats it all the time and I kinda like it.