Friday, February 17, 2006

Arts & Entertainment binge.

9 of the last dozen messages I received on Facebook were from local band Jaded State.


I still haven't caught up on my CD listening. Concerts are coming and going-- I went to two the other night: Andrew Bird (CDU) and The Hold Steady (Beta Bar). Bird was phenomenal, the Hold Steady were solid. Of Montreal (tonight)-- disappointing. New material with drum machine + throwback sugarglam rock = tired. Fiery Furnaces tomorrow, don't know anything 'bout them.


The Hudsucker Proxy is a great movie. You should watch it.

Serenity was pretty good, too.


I think I'm catching up on all the sleep I've lost this semester. Feelin' pretty good.


  1. "Sugarglam" is a cool word. I bought some Mike & Ike's the other day and now I think "The Original Fruits" is a great band name.

    Caleb is going crazy downloading Firefly episodes (what Serenity is based on). Or maybe he's done now.

    "Summerteeth" is so pop, it's not even funny. El rocko.

  2. That reminds me: one day my teacher was talking about he and his wife downloading all of the first season of Lost. It was really funny because he kept saying stuff like "I don't know if it's illegal..."

    I knew online movie downloading was big in the student population, but I didn't think any about TV series...

    I'm going to get some TV series on DVD from Netflix eventually. I added Six Feet Under because I've heard good things. You know of any others? I know you liked the Sopranos...

  3. LOST!!!!!! I'm also hooked on Invasion although it's only the first season of that. They have Mr. bean on dvd too. hehe. All twelve episodes or something like that. Meh. And I mean that in a good way. El Beano

  4. Get the Sopranos, man. I watched maybe 2 seasons of it and it was all great.

    Arrested Development, of course. I've always wanted to watch Red Dwarf. You can always start watching Cheers or Seinfeld from the beginning.