Friday, February 03, 2006

Kaki King.

Kaki King

Yeah, check it out. She played here tonight, and it was pretty much awesome. She had a lap steel that she ran with loops, hitting it for bass effects, scratching and picking at it for percussive effects. But I guess her most unusual feat was over-the-top-o-the-neck slapping (on her Ovation acoustic/electric). Pretty impressive.

She could also tune very well, into all different kinds of arrangements, by ear.

She also told very good stories and jokes.

And just when I thought I couldn't be impressed more, she pulled out the old MORRISSEY COVERS.

Yeah, that's right folks, the only two songs she sang on were covers of "Please, please, please let me get what I want" and "Why don't you find out for yourself".

I mean, they weren't awesome covers or anything, but the whole introduction ("My future baby's daddy wrote this song..."), and those being the only covers she did, and the only things she sang on... great.

::thumbs up::

I would recommend seeing, though she's only doing a limited tour. Her recordings aren't bad, either. But, of course, it's better in person.


Edit: I was feeling generous, so here you go (yeah, it's Windows Media Audio -- deal with it):

Kaki King -- "Playing With Pink Noise"

Yeah, just one player, one guitar. Those plunks are her hitting the body of the guitar with her left-hand fingers.

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