Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Our mothers have been absent ever since we founded Rome but there's gonna be a party when the wolf comes home

"Compare your school's most popular listings with Facebook's."



1. DMB
2. Jack Johnson
3. Sublime
4. Coldplay
5. The Beatles
6. Incubus
7. Green Day
8. The Killers
9. Bob Marley
10. Led Zeppelin


1. DMB
2. Coldplay
3. Jack Johnson
4. The Beatles
5. Green Day
6. The Killers
7. Led Zeppelin
8. Incubus
9. Sublime
10. Fall Out Boy


How 'bout I just barf instead?

Nah, it could be much (much) worse.

I am, however, concerned about the number one listing for Movies (for both school and Facebook) of The Notebook (even though I never saw it). And that Anchorman and Old School were so much higher than 40 Year Old Virgin.

It was a relief, however, to find out that for FSU, the #56 "Interest," up two spots, was "girls."


  1. ...what? How do you get these so-called "listings"?

  2. I clicked on a link that popped up during my browsing of the site. Apparently it's a new thing called "Pulse":

    Oh yeah, and I wanted to make an offhand comment in the post about Incubus, something to the account of "Incubus is still around?"

  3. Anonymous1:43 AM

    What is it with the Dave Matthews Band and college students?

    Seriously, I knew the band was popular with this demographic, but also assumed it was exaggerated by snarky Pitchfork jokes.

    Whatever. I don't like 'em. Crucify me.


  4. They're a jam band with pop accessibility. The Grateful Dead, Phish, and... something else poppier mixed together.

    And they gots the groove.

    I only have that one live double CD, which I find to be very entertaining. The only other CD I got was Everyday, and I gave that away.

    And coming from the live recordings, I can't really listen to the studio takes.

  5. Anonymous2:11 AM

    All hail Futurama!

    Nibblonian 1: "It's a genetic abnormality which resulted when you went back in time and performed certain actions which made you your own grandfather."

    Fry: "I did do the nasty in the pasty!"

    Nibblonian 2: "Verily. And that past nastification is what shields you from the brains. You are the last hope of the universe."

    Fry: "So, I really am important? How I feel when I'm drunk is correct?"

    Nibblonian 1: "Yes. Except the Dave Matthews Band doesn't rock."



  6. 1) Your link doesn't work.

    2) You should be either sleeping or working on your paper.


    "We were walking
    Just the other day
    It was so hot outside
    You could fry an egg
    Remember you were talking
    I watched as sweat ran down your face
    Reached up and caught it at your chin
    Licked my fingertip
    Wasting time
    Let the hours roll by
    Doing nothing for the fun
    Little taste of the good life
    Whether right or wrong
    Makes us want to stay stay stay stay for awhile
    Later on
    The sun began to fade
    Then the clouds rolled over our heads
    And it began to rain
    Oh we were dancing mouths open
    Splashing tongue taste
    For a moment this good time would never end
    You and me you and me
    Just wasting time
    I was kissing you
    You were kissing me love
    From good day into a moonlight
    Now a night so fine
    Makes us wanna stay stay stay stay stay for awhile
    Wasting time
    I shall miss these things

    When it all rolls by
    What a day
    Wanna stay stay stay stay stay for awhile
    Hey love
    Oh just groping you
    Rolling in the mud
    Stay a while
    Come on love
    Wanna stay stay stay stay stay for awhile"

    --Stay (Wasting Time)--

    4) I don't know what your opinions of DMB are based on, but I know that I've sometimes had opinions based on the success of things, some of the better-known songs, or whatever, and never really got exposed to some of the other material because I didn't want to be. Given that, I could lend you the live set if you're interested... they got some groove

    5) It's okay not to like DMB. But it's not okay not to like them just because they're popular (or not popular, for that matter).