Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Broke a string on the acoustic, broke a string on the electric...

What's the world coming to???

As much as I enjoy consistency, it surprises me that very few things in my life are consistent. At the top of that list is my ability to put off doing things until (literally in most cases) the last minute. And my ability to say "I'm not going to put this one thing off -- I'll start it a week early." And my ability to analyze, but still continue, this cycle over and over again.

I want to build my next guitar, and get Dad to work on it with me, and paint something cool on it. I would build a custom rig/cabinet/stack, too, if I knew anything about that.


  1. I'll build you a guitar out of paper mache and it will be fabulous and hollow and wonderful!

  2. There's all kinds of parts on E-bay. If you look under electric guitar necks, there is some dude in Taiwan that makes the coolest ones with freaking dragon inlays and crap. Thinking about getting one of those.