Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dear X-Men: The Last Stand,

Dear X-Men: The Last Stand,

I will not buy you nor receive you as a gift on DVD or any other existing or unforseen future video format.

That is all.


Hello StaggerLee,

We at YTMND Forums would like to wish you a happy birthday today!

Isn't that sweet???



Isn't that scotch???

Saturday, May 20, 2006


In addition to Googling myself, I decided to Google my Blogger handle as well.


I can cut, copy, and paste once again in my preferred internet browser, Firefox.

I knew it wasn't a problem with the browser itself (I swear, I never doubted you, Foxy), it was an outside virus only (seemingly) tinkering with the copy clipboard in Firefox. How annoying. Jerks.

Hiding your virus in a program called "advertismen" wasn't exactly the most subtle course of action (then again, maybe it was just a red herring, and a larger problem lies bubbling under the surface of my operating system).

Thankfully, the internet is more beneficial than it is harmful, and googling files ("pushow99.dll" in this case) really helped.

I would like to thank the following sites for making the following pasted links in this post available:

Major Geeks Forums
Grisoft, home of AVG, and now...

(You don't know how valuable "ctrl + c" and "ctrl + v" is until you go without.)

Edit: Check out this guy's solution to the problem, if you are experiencing it too. (It is apparently mostly from bad P2P network files...)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Gotta get back.

I suddenly feel the need to do some Calculus problems, or analyze some music. I haven't done methodical things like that in a while. I guess editing stories would count, and I guess I do a lot of that, but I think most of my time is spent in wholly creative activities, and I need to sit down and crunch some numbers or something.

Maybe if I do that, I can back off the creative things a bit, give 'em a break and let them come back whenever they feel like it.

The question now is what to do that is very structured, with a little room for creativity, a slight challenge, but within my capabilities if worked on consistently. (Calculus fits well into that description, since integration allowed for a little bit of creativity, and some of the problems had tricks that I could get after working on them for 20 minutes or so.)

That reminds me, there is this intern at the paper that changes all of my edits in stories, and usually to the wrong thing. For every single set of parentheses, she makes them into little sentences (like, in this set, she would have capitalized the "l" in "like" and she would have put a period after the last word of this parenthetical statement, which, ironically, is "period"). (Instead of doing it right with the period on the outside of the parentheses, like I did just there.)

(Sometimes she puts a period on both sides of the closing parenthesis, like this: ".).".).

(Very annoying.)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

New song.

The World Is Not Such A Dark, Lonely Place

I'm sitting around having a smoke,
but I'm not down.
I haven't a clue
As to what's been eating you.

You've been acting strange,
Chewing the same gum for days,
Before you turn out the lights,
Check your closet for monsters every night.

You know I trust you.

But you can't even tell me
What you've been hiding so well.

I know you've been true.

But why all the glances?
Is it late night romancing?

I snuck into your room just to see you dream.
You know this is bigger than you or me.
You breathed in deep, then you sat up and screamed,
Soon you'll be sleepwalking.

So I flew to you.
I flew to you.

And I held your shaking body in my arms.
I held your shaking body,
Sitting next to you.

And then I knew the truth.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lobster magnet.

Halfway through today's shift, I heard my co-worker groan. Upon turning toward his general direction, I saw him pointing at the tank.

One lobster was belly-up, and another had mounted it and was digging into its torso with its little flailing maxillipeds and mandibles. It looked pretty much, though not exactly, like this:

I learned that:

  • The sign on the lobster tank that reads "Do NOT feed" means that no one feeds the lobsters.
  • Which means, the week before that little Chinese lady buys two lobsters and boils them, they've been sitting hungry in an Albertsons tank sans food.
  • When lobsters get hungry enough, they will eat ... each other.
  • The lobsters, though small, have powerful pincers (I learned this from my co-worker, who happened to get one grasping onto his thumb one time, much to the delight of his customer [the description did seem very cartoony to me:

    Me: How did you finally get it off?
    Michael: I hit it really hard against the tank.]).

  • Michael is a funny kid:

    "The first time I made a PA [announcement about meat specials], I messed up the prices and blurted out 'Oh, shit!' and hung up real quick."
    "No way."
    "Yeah, some manager came over and said 'That... was really funny. But don't do it again.'"

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Right now

at 4:27 a.m., "Eucalyptus" does NOT sound like a bad band name.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Should Have Known (working title)

Demo #1: Should Have Known

Today I walk outside for the first time,
Throw a stone across the lake and
Watch the green things grow.

Now I'm back at our old apartment.
No, you thought that I would never show.

Toss a pebble at your window
And it breaks the pane.
Shatters inward, slicing fingers away.

Had I known you were standing there alone,
I wouldn't have thrown,
I wouldn't have thrown,
I wouldn't have thrown.

It's been a dozen years at least,
But you still invade my dreams.
I should have known,
I should have known,
I should have known.

Tonight I feel alive for the first time,
I cross my heart and hopefully won't die.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Allll right.

Freaking B+.

At least it wasn't an A-.

... In a class where the only objective grade was a final exam... that I was an hour late to, one couldn't really reallistically wish for more.

Ohhhhhhh welllllllll.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Dr.

Everyone is addicted to Dr. Mario.

No one is not addicted to Dr. Mario.
Dear previous A&E Editor,

Is there any way that you could possibly give me any LESS information on what I'm supposed to be doing as I take over your job this week?

Oh, ... I guess not.