Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Gotta get back.

I suddenly feel the need to do some Calculus problems, or analyze some music. I haven't done methodical things like that in a while. I guess editing stories would count, and I guess I do a lot of that, but I think most of my time is spent in wholly creative activities, and I need to sit down and crunch some numbers or something.

Maybe if I do that, I can back off the creative things a bit, give 'em a break and let them come back whenever they feel like it.

The question now is what to do that is very structured, with a little room for creativity, a slight challenge, but within my capabilities if worked on consistently. (Calculus fits well into that description, since integration allowed for a little bit of creativity, and some of the problems had tricks that I could get after working on them for 20 minutes or so.)

That reminds me, there is this intern at the paper that changes all of my edits in stories, and usually to the wrong thing. For every single set of parentheses, she makes them into little sentences (like, in this set, she would have capitalized the "l" in "like" and she would have put a period after the last word of this parenthetical statement, which, ironically, is "period"). (Instead of doing it right with the period on the outside of the parentheses, like I did just there.)

(Sometimes she puts a period on both sides of the closing parenthesis, like this: ".).".).

(Very annoying.)


  1. sick. That's what it is. Calculus? What are you thinking?

  2. RPG's, man. Methodical, fun. FF XII is almost out. Two words: air pirates.

    I got Dragon Quest VIII on a whim. It looks really good and got great reviews. I got it over the new Shining Force because the guy at GameStop told me to.

    Also: modifying clothing (Clash-style with stencils and spray paint); modifying guitars; watching "24" or "Fawlty Towers"; vacuuming.

  3. Anonymous4:48 PM

    My vote's for the study of 20th century "classical" music theory with an emphasis on the atonal series. Matrices will give you all the structure you need whilst providing countless hours of boundless enjoyment. What could be more fun than an inverted retrogression?? Ha hae.