Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lobster magnet.

Halfway through today's shift, I heard my co-worker groan. Upon turning toward his general direction, I saw him pointing at the tank.

One lobster was belly-up, and another had mounted it and was digging into its torso with its little flailing maxillipeds and mandibles. It looked pretty much, though not exactly, like this:

I learned that:

  • The sign on the lobster tank that reads "Do NOT feed" means that no one feeds the lobsters.
  • Which means, the week before that little Chinese lady buys two lobsters and boils them, they've been sitting hungry in an Albertsons tank sans food.
  • When lobsters get hungry enough, they will eat ... each other.
  • The lobsters, though small, have powerful pincers (I learned this from my co-worker, who happened to get one grasping onto his thumb one time, much to the delight of his customer [the description did seem very cartoony to me:

    Me: How did you finally get it off?
    Michael: I hit it really hard against the tank.]).

  • Michael is a funny kid:

    "The first time I made a PA [announcement about meat specials], I messed up the prices and blurted out 'Oh, shit!' and hung up real quick."
    "No way."
    "Yeah, some manager came over and said 'That... was really funny. But don't do it again.'"


  1. Even more reasons to go on a lobster freeing crusade.

  2. Anonymous11:50 AM

    I'm glad all the food I deal with is faceless & freeze-dried, though I guess that does omit me from such aforementioned forms of entertainment.

    ... a burger eating a burger ...

  3. I know lobsters don't have brains (thanks to that informative link), and they probably don't care, but I think that's sad. Not much that can be done about it, unless you break the tank or something.

  4. Yeah, it was pretty sad...