Sunday, May 14, 2006

New song.

The World Is Not Such A Dark, Lonely Place

I'm sitting around having a smoke,
but I'm not down.
I haven't a clue
As to what's been eating you.

You've been acting strange,
Chewing the same gum for days,
Before you turn out the lights,
Check your closet for monsters every night.

You know I trust you.

But you can't even tell me
What you've been hiding so well.

I know you've been true.

But why all the glances?
Is it late night romancing?

I snuck into your room just to see you dream.
You know this is bigger than you or me.
You breathed in deep, then you sat up and screamed,
Soon you'll be sleepwalking.

So I flew to you.
I flew to you.

And I held your shaking body in my arms.
I held your shaking body,
Sitting next to you.

And then I knew the truth.

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