Saturday, July 01, 2006

Just do it.

I just noticed that the layout for this Blog really annoys me. And it annoys me a lot more that it looks significantly different in IE and Firefox (I've known this for some time, but it's just now starting to irk me). ("Irk" is a pretty great word.) Just have to suffer through for the time being, though, as I am not Keane on remodeling at this junction. I would have to do a bit of research and work to do it, and I think I'll just use that time to do other things for now. But just know that I am not satisfied with the state of things here.


As with 45 out of the previous 50 posts (note: hyperbole), this one will feature yet another workplace anecdote (it seems this job is strongarming my life -- outside of its walls, Albertsons still invades my dreams, casual conversations, and recreational writings...):

(Advisory: I don't know the proper punctuation or formatting for scipts, so I just made up my own. Deal with it. Suckers.)

MIKE (to SHARON): Can I get a cigarette? You know I don't normally smoke, but --
ME: You don't want one of hers. She probably smokes lights. (to SHARON) Right?
SHARON: Ultra Lights, actually.
ME: (Laughs.) I knew it! I could tell. If you're gonna smoke cigarettes, you might as well smoke full flavor ones. Ultra Lights aren't going to save your life.

My stance on this subject also extends to diet sodas, light beers, and reduced fat Oreos (Oreos should be spelled "Oreoes," because that would just be a lot more fun).


  1. It's true, but I don't think people smoke lights for that reason. "Full flavor" can mean "really disgusting" sometimes.

    Now, diet soda? Gross. Light beers? Again, not for health reasons but for taste. Sometimes you don't want to drink a brick.

    Reduced fat Oreos? Gross.

  2. you're not Keane? As in "Somewhere only we know?"

  3. Their new record is super-rock. I mean super.

    (wilco on film rules)

  4. I almost got it today at Target. Almost.