Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Double bed sets
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Date: 2006-07-20, 11:49AM EDT

I work for the Holiday Inn Capitol East, and we are getting new beds throughout the hotel. We have already taken requests for all of our king-sized beds (mattresses and box springs), but we still have a BUNCH of double (full) size beds available. Please reply through Craigslist if you are interested with the number of beds you would like.

Pick up will not be for 2-3 weeks, as we have not received the new beds yet. I will email you when the beds are available, and pickup will need to happen as quickly as possible, since we do NOT have much storage space for the beds.

Frames are NOT included, but the mattress sets are complete.


Everything seemed cool and primed to build the biggest mattress fort I have ever seen until I read the last line...

Any extra beds we have will be donated to local shelters for women and children.

... I gotta think of the children on this one.

... And I'm not sure I would want hotel beds either.

... *shiver*.


  1. Anonymous9:16 AM

    That last bit was probably just an attempt to dash the hopes of young, aspiring mattress-fort builders such as yourself. There are no women. There are no children. Go to the mattresses!

  2. Yeah, that is gross.

    In other furniture news, we are getting two chairs to replace our loveseat. Caleb was just going to dumpster it until I realized that the end of the month was coming up, and certain friends of ours with a house out in Buttville like to hold "end of the month" parties where they build a big fire and cause trouble.


    On Monday night they are going to have a heck of a fire.

  3. Excuse me...


  4. yeah, it's next to Crapville and Urinetown.