Saturday, August 05, 2006

It has been decided.

The next guitar I buy will be at or under $50 and will be a 1/2 size, child's guitar.


  1. since when do you have $50?

  2. Those mini guitars rule. I think. I've never played one or anything.

  3. Have you checked out the guitars at Wal-Mart? Those could be what you are looking for.

  4. I'm pretty sure Wal-Mart guitars are full size... and over $50.

    1/2 size guitars will be easy to swing.

    And hit stuff with.

  5. My guitarist bought an Epiphone Les Paul Junior (which I believe was Mick Jones's first guitar) last night before the show. The following is a timeline of the entire life of the guitar:

    4 PM - guitar purchased for $99

    6 PM - load-in. "Epiphone" scratched off of headstock with a knife. "PRS" carved below it with same knife.

    7 PM - we're bored, proceed to bang it on the floor and cut chunks out of the finish. Didn't really hurt it much.

    1:30 AM - Ready to play. The guitar will not stay in tune for any length of time. This is pretty rock and roll.

    2 AM - Done playing. At the end of the set, we go nuts with the feedback, etc. I swing my guitar around a little bit, while Ben is throwing his guitar on the floor and kicking it like it pooped on the rug or something. Then he threw it off the stage. Then we were done.

    2:05 AM - "Hey Ben, look! The neck is busted!"

    The neck was cracked in half, right up near the headstock. It was gross and awesome. We might put my old Squier neck on it, which would look and sound terrible.

  6. Futher along in the book, it says Mick's guitar (I think it was the same type) broke at the neck when it fell over.