Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Straight from the Yorke's mouth.

Thom Yorke: ... I had my arm twisted on "High and Dry".

Pitchfork: To release it as a single?

TY: To put it anywhere. [Laughs]

It's not bad, you know. It's not's very bad. [Laughs]


TY: When we put
Kid A out, I specifically remember saying, "Copy that, you fucking..."

Whatever. We've ripped off R.E.M. blind for years, you know-- amongst other people. Everybody does. It's how you rip them off, as John Lennon said.

Pitchfork: Are there any current bands with whom you feel any type of kinship?

TY: There are bands I look up to. Like I look up to the Black Keys. I'm really excited about Deerhoof. Liars, they're fucking great. LCD Soundsystem. Modeselektor.


I don't like this interviewer's approach... or opinions. I do, however, like gaining insight into my favorite bands.

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  1. He's very coddly, and the stuff about Amnesiac suffering from internet piracy is a bunch of crap. It wasn't received well because it sounded like outtakes from Kid A ... which is exactly what it was.

    However, to his credit, you probably have to coddle somebody as crazy as Thom Yorke to get him to say anything meaningful in an interview.