Sunday, August 27, 2006


everything's busy and stuff. I am a tournament Tetris player trying to fill in the holes constantly created in the structure, as pieces that don't fit get stacked on top continuously.

I am the abandoned videogamer, wannabe cartoonist, struggling songwriter, burgeoning journalist, accomplished (3-ball) juggler, disenchanted student, and off-and-on reader in us all.

(British writers, I assume from my reading of MOJO writer Pat Gilbert, do not use "and" before the last entry in lists.)

This time next year, I will most likely not be within 100 miles of here, but I can never be so sure.

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  1. Southpaw Grammar is good. Really good. Have I told you this? It's true, with the exception of the first and last tracks, both of which are ~10 minutes long. The first one is academically interesting because it samples a Shostakovich symphony, but it's boring. The last one, well it's kind of ok. The rest of the record is super rock and the bass tone is so deep and muddy; it should be bad, but it feels really good.