Wednesday, September 20, 2006


WED: Final day of work at Albertson's.
THURS: Free admission to Tom Petty/The Strokes show in Gainesville.
FRI: We Are Scientists w/ Art Brut at CDU, Tallahassee (also free).
SAT: "An Afternoon with Kevin Smith," Orlando (paid for this one). If back to Tallahassee in time, and it is not sold out, I will buy entrance to Less Than Jake (don't think I'll be able to catch it, though).
SUN: Freak out about how much stuff I haven't done/have to do.
MON, TUES, or next WED: Good possibility of interviewing Lady Sovereign.

*Raises da roof*

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  1. What? The Strokes playing a show with Tom Petty? Next you'll tell me Interpol is planning a tour with Bob Seger.