Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Take You On a Cruise

Me + Cuban Cigar + Double White Russian + Sunglasses + Bath Robe + Night Club + Cruise to the Bahamas = Money


  1. Holy crap, man. You look like some of the people we watched the Big Lebowski with in the local indie theater.

  2. Also, was the bathrobe standard issue for the trip? And what possessed you to go on a cruise in the first place?

  3. There was a bathrobe for every person on the cruise in the cabins. I had been wanting to wear it, but didn't have time after showers to lounge around in it. If I had kept it, it would have been $42. It was really hot. But luckily, I was wearing a giant towel, so all my sweat got nicely absorbed.

    I went on the cruise because I didn't have to pay for it, which is just about the best reason ever. But I had planned on paying for it anyway -- my friend Joe got back from Army training and decided to go on a cruise and invite his friends and family. Now I have to re-adjust to not having unlimited food available to me 24/7.