Thursday, November 30, 2006

Radio Shack...

should be called "Suck Shack."


  1. 'S true. Except when you need a very tiny part like a resistor. Then they're ok.

  2. I went in to buy a very simple AC/DC power cord connection, and the guy insisted he had shown me the right ones ($4.99 a piece!). Turned out they were audio cables, and if my stuff didn't have power protection, it would have been toast. I went back in:

    ME: This doesn't work.
    HE: Did you try the cord?
    ME: Yeah. No work.
    HE: Oh. I don't think we have what you're looking for.

    Then I went online and found exactly what I needed... for $2.50.

  3. Ok. Radio Shack people usually suck. Along with Best Buy people and anyone working in a retail store.