Monday, November 27, 2006

Self-Written Horoscope.

For the week of Nov. 27 - Dec. 3

Your temporary situation of financial stability will allow you to acquire a few items that you have been looking at for a while. You will have meaningful exchanges with family members and possibly with friends. Work might interfere with your health, so avoid stressful situations. An opportunity for personal advancement will be available midweek, but only if you recognize it. Be aware and stay away from negative forcefields. And treat yourself to another imported six pack -- you deserve it.


  1. Libra
    For the week of Nov. 27 - Dec. 3

    Look out for rabid, winged rhinos! OH SHIT

  2. Dude dude dude

    I got Guitar Rig


    I think

    I will use it live.

    1 gtr + 1 tuner pdl + 1 laptop + 1 Traynor YCV-40 = rock lobster

  3. you so crazy. Write me a horoscope now.