Wednesday, December 06, 2006

College education isn't what it used to be.

An average Wednesday morning. I enter my Latin classroom to see the dozen or so people that normally come to class. Five minutes before class starts and a graduate student (the class is about half undergrad. / half grad.) breaks the silence with:

"I don't think Nirvana gets the respect they deserve."

Utter silence follows.

I assume he's talking to someone nearer to him, but it is a very small class and everyone is clearly able to hear any one person talking. I don't bite. He continues:

"I mean, they're probably the best band ever."

After the first comment, I sort of zoned out and stopped paying attention to anything this guy said. About 15 seconds after this last comment (which was also followed with deafening silence), the words are recalled in my short-term memory. I look over and lift my hand a little.

"Wait, did you just say Nirvana was the best band ever?"


I slowly turn my gaze away and sit in silent contemplation. About an entire minute passes in silence before he says:

"Why? Who do you think is the best band?"

Simultaneously said:

He: "Something from the '60s or '70s probably?"

I: "Well Led Zeppelin or The Beatles to start."

Me: "Okay, the '80s... I'd say The Smiths."

"Smiths suck."

"... or the Clash"

"The Clash are lame. Combat Rock is awful."

"Have you heard London Calling?"

"That's decent."

The teacher walks in to stop me from mentioning The Pixies, Wilco, and Spoon, and also to stop me from pummelling this kid.

I really can't believe that some people still consider Nirvana to be the best band ever created. I really do not understand.

Most influential of the '90s? Okay.
Most important of the '90s? In the Top 5.
Best of the '90s? Uhh... Top 10, maybe.
Best of our generation? Nope.
Best of all time ever? Not even close to the Top 50.

On an interesting note, Rolling Stone's original review of Nevermind was 3/5 stars, despite its placement in the RS 500 Best Albums of All Time.

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  1. Suck suck suck. The only tracks they did that were any good were the covers. Ok, and the track off the Beavis and Butthead Experience was pretty good.

    Also, RS has a nasty habit of being revisionist in their reviews (going back and increasing star ratings for classic records).

    Also also, grad students are retarded.