Friday, January 26, 2007

In retrospect...

In retrospect, this wasn't as over-the-top/satirical as I thought it was. (On Monday, the newspaper ran a commentary from another school [N.C. State] that got me really riled up. So I quickly wrote a response shadowing his arguments, but pushing them to the extreme and what I thought to be the satirical.)

In currentspect, I can still think it's funny when people vociferiously respond to my satirical jabs as if I truly believed them... even (especially?) if no one else knew I was being satirical.

(For the record, I think there must be someone out there who really believes everything I wrote, and that it wasn't that much of a stretch of certain people's opinions.)

(But c'mon.)

*This whole incident reminds me of the time (three years ago) when I tried to sell the two free passes I got to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake by mass emailing everyone in honors to post a price of $100 for the two passes that any student could get for free. I was inspired to do this because other students were abusing the "mass email" function trying to sell their football vouchers and tickets.

In the honors, I didn't get one response that understood what I was doing... but I did get about a half dozen responses telling me that I was stupid for trying to charge $100 for something anyone could get for free... and one of the respondents wrote "Sincerely, Anonymous," although her full name was clearly indicated on all her outgoing email.

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