Monday, February 05, 2007

When you're sick...

1. nothing is quite as soothing as "Peter Coppola New York Hi-Define (Hair)Styling Mudd" programming on HSN at 3:14 a.m. ... not.

2. being tired is good (it means you can sleep).

3. making a Spoon t-shirt is a top priority.

4. doctors only know how to a) test for things you know you don't have b) tell you everything that's hurting looks just fine and c) recommend doing things you've already been doing for days.

5. Duke sucks.

6. you miss an event you've been pining for for months.

7. although you acknowledge that Prince is probably a big jerk in real life, his halftime show still kicked your butt.

8. you're too tired to finish blog l


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  2. Monster trucks? Like in that episode of House where he drops $1000 on what everyone thinks is drugs and ends up being monster truck VIP passes?

  3. I didn't write anything bad before, I just horribly misspelled things. Now I'm wondering if I misspelled "misspelled". Oh whatever.