Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fake news hits FSU.

The possibility of having an entire issue of the school paper as a fake news, Onion-esque endeavor has me jumping with joy. I sent out an email to everyone on staff with the idea and didn't hear back from anyone. Today, I brought it up in a meeting and everyone was all for it -- even my boss. Now all we have to do is put it past the owner of the paper.

If this thing flies, I'm going to wreak havoc on everyone and everything. The real problem I'll have is trying to pick out the best ideas from my mental list of ever-growing gold nuggets.

1 comment:

  1. Do it do it do it! I heard a funny, uh, story about an FSU alum that buys the city of Nashville for straight cash. I'm ... I mean he's changing the name to "Dirty Southville" and installing spinning rims on every office building.

    Or, you know, whatever you want to write about that's funnier than that.