Wednesday, August 29, 2007

News, news, news.

As soon as I have time to start checking out the local news, a lot of stuff starts going on. I've noticed recently a lot of police officers out and about, and just assumed it had to do with the return of tens of thousands of college students to the area. It seems other things have been happening too...

There have been an amount of home invasions and car break-ins that, I've heard, the police think are connected. It would make sense -- thousands of people moving in to places within the same two weeks.

But then I saw this humorous number, where a local CD shop was selling thousands of pirated discs. The way the article makes it out (the police just "discovered" the stuff at his store) seems like someone was just shopping and realized that all the CDs and DVDs were copies. Why would you sell that from your store?

Then the police just up and find a house growing marijuana -- half a million dollars worth. The owners weren't home at the time, and apparently haven't been caught yet. I've delivered to that street before... I always wonder what the government does with confiscated materials...

And then -- a real tragedy. Yesterday I went to an eatery downtown and heard someone say "They should lock those kind of people up for 90 years. Don't even execute them." I didn't know what they were talking about until I stopped at a gas station for soda. The attendant there just went right into it without me saying anything: "I'm glad they found him. That's just awful." "What?" "That man who killed that worker down at the BP."

Also known as the gas station on the corner of where I used to live, where I would walk down to for late-night chocolate or soda. The details of the crime are very confusing and sad -- this 24-year-old had been working there for a month, was hit, struggled, and was shot. Three times. Robber left without any money. Then the police picked up a suspect who confessed to it, but are continuing to look for clues and evidence.

There has naturally (and justifiably) been a scare amongst parents, since this happened one day before fall classes started.

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