Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What the shrapnel in my back pocket could afford.

I thought deeply about changing the layout/design of this blog, but decided against it. Call it laziness, lack of an innovative spirit -- whatever. I picked a template and fiddled with it (without knowing a bit about HTML, mind you) until it looked closer to what I liked when I started this thing, and now I've grown accustomed to it. Then, it continued to look like crapballs in Internet Explorer.

In trying-to-grow-up-and-pay-attention news, the median price of U.S. homes is in decline! I suppose that's good for me.

"On an inflation-adjusted basis, the national median price — the level at which half of all homes are more expensive and half are less — is not likely to return to its 2007 peak for more than a decade, according to Moody’s Economy.com, a research firm." (Source)


The official kick-off of the rock band season (which for me could be compared to what 78% of college students identify with college football) began last weekend with a performance by Polyphonic Spree and Diplo. Unfortunately, our hero was busy working. To ensure this won't happen with things I would like to see in the future (... Spoon? ...), I will start asking for days off.

This week sees the arrival of Glasgowian outfit The Cinematics, who, despite the crappy name, might have a shot at the mainstream. Perhaps I will go, and perhaps they will be good live.

Perhaps not. (This was the first I saw/heard of them, and the opening line, "I like my loneliness" did not make a good first impression.)

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