Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm spending...

I'm spending $5 and two hours loading 50 photos from my old phone to the Internet to perhaps my new phone (I don't know if they'll let me do that yet). I had to pay the $5 to get 400 picture messages so I wouldn't be paying 15 cents per message to do this. At least my replacement phone came 3 days after I called for it. (It won't let me keep some of my best pictures, because they're "too big" to send. I don't see how my phone can take pics as small as 100 KB and as big as 500 KB. I guess it's that zoom function at work.)

Here's one I got to upload -- a statue from New Orleans (I think it might have been Jackson):

Every time I go into the bank downtown, I see a sign on the counter and feel a need to have them validate my parking. Except that I don't need it -- I just drop a quarter in a metered spot every time.
I dread the day that it is socially unacceptable for me as an adult male to have posters in my bedroom.
I may or may not become a rapper. Peep this:

Man, you been acting like General Petraeus, acting like you betrayed us like Benedict Arnold, gonna name some eggs for you.

Don't bite that -- I might use that.

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