Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sup, MBT?

What the heck happened to Matchbox Twenty?

And don't give me that "they've been challenging audiences with their ever-evolving sound," because they haven't. I can still listen to Yourself or Someone Like You (note: stupid album title) whenever it falls out of the dusty back stacks of my CD collection and when I don't feel like becoming involved with what I'm listening to, but when did MBT adopt the sleek punk sound with Green Day-esque politics?

Give me a breakers.

And do not even tell me that this single is from an upcoming album called Exile on Mainstream. You thought it couldn't get any worse than "Yourself or some crap like you," but it can.

What does that even mean, "Exile on Mainstream"? Is it ironic that they were actually exiled from the mainstream, and that they're trying to regain their mainstream status by pandering to the current mainstream sound? Or are they trying to show that they're proud of their status as "mainstream" "outsiders" (whatever that could mean)?

It's not even that's it's a horrible horrible song. Other bands could have done it worse. But that doesn't make it good.

And MBT: 1) No one gives a crap how many milliseconds there are until your next album hits Wal-Marts everywhere. 2) You're not tough just because you're black and white and all carrying acoustic guitar cases. And 3) You're not coy. Album titles named after other album titles suck. And although he did a slightly better job, if Jeff Tweedy couldn't do that successfully, then you definitely can't.

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