Monday, October 01, 2007

In Rainbows.

I'm going to have to pull the holier-than-thou indie being-a-dick card, because I checked Radiohead's Blog yesterday and totally saw a new update about the band's new album.

It was just a queer black n' white photo with a link to the queerly titled "In Rainbows" Web site.

I quickly searched around for news on this update, but... WHOOPS! I SAW IT FIRST!

Then all kinds of Blogs and news sites started coming out with posts about INFORMATION I ALREADY KNEW ABOUT, SUCKERS!


Yeah, blah the box set costs $80+, yeah, no record label, blah, yeah, any price for down-blah-load, etc. + crap = whatever.

P.S. - I might have just gotten a job. SSssshhhhh, I don't know yet, but it sounds like it. SShhhh.

---Yeah, and now I'm just Bloging really late about an event that happened yesterday, I know, but I'm just gloating, really, not trying to spread the info.

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