Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Things I found/found out today.

1) Yes, I've reached the point - Blogging about a Blog function. Blogger Play is not as cool as I thought it would be when I was reading the description. It's just a slideshow of every photo uploaded by Bloggers. I can get a similar experience by searching for anything on GIS:

(First hit)

2) There is someone who works in the Department of History at FSU who doesn't use a computer. He has worked there for 50 years, and does everything by typewriter still, relying on cronies to put his stuff into Word documents. Talk about tenure. I kind of feel bad for the guy, but he won't ever know that because he can't read this post.

3) I found another job rejection letter today in the mail. Figuring in all the jobs I've applied to, I expect to continue to get at least one a week for about 3.5 years.

4) Damn, son! Gas is expensive! (A.K.A. I hate driving.)

... and it doesn't last long (... that's what she said).


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