Friday, October 19, 2007


The words "accidental, cross-country flight of a nuclear-armed B-52 bomber" do not belong together in a U.S. news article.

And we're concerned with other country's nuclear potentials?

And, now for something completely different...

Today, in a meeting, members of the department had to vote on whether the following change in an official document was permissible:

-"Section 12.0: The word 'involving' was replaced with the words 'together with', which actually clarifies things a bit..."

It was my job to take notes on this meeting.

Everyone voted for the change.


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  2. You have a good job.

  3. Also, I'm sure it wasn't as simple as a bunch of airmen accidentally took a trip without noticing the warhead in the trunk.

    ...probably more like they've been doing this for years and just got caught.